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Free Walking Tour

Well, I admit, I won't be carrying you around...anyhow, we're going to explore Dresden Neustadt and Altstadt together. At the end, you fix your price for the tour depending on how well you liked it.

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Private Tours

Just get in touch and we will fix time and place to do your private walking tour!

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Organising your stay

You need a plan for your stay in Dresden? You want to find the perfect place to stay and THE things to do and visit?

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Free Walking Tour

Free Walking Tour Free Walking Tour Free Walking Tour
When ?
Every Tuesday and Thursday at 10h in the morning

Where ?
Lollis Homestay, Görlitzer Straße 34, but mind,
the entrance of the hostel is around the corner next to Sebnitzer Str. 10

How long ?
2-3 hours, depending on how fast we walk and how busy the streets are

Price/tickets ?
This is a Free Walking Tour, so you do the tour and tip at the end by choosing how much it was worth for you

End ?
The tour ends in front of the Church of our Lady / Frauenkirche. You will have to explore in detail everything we have passed, so I'd suggest you plan your day accordingly ;-)


You will find Free Walking Tours or simply Free Tours all around the globe. The concept is based on several different thoughts.
First of all, cultural information should be accessible to everyone. By making the tour tip-based, everyone can choose its price according to their possibilities.
In addition, the idea of tipping at the end seems way more reasonable, than paying in advance without knowing how the tour is going to be.
You do not need a reservation as a usual traveler.
However, if you want to be sure, that the tour is taking place when you are in town, you can contact me in advance.
Also, it might be nicer to have a private tour, if you are a group of people. Just contact me and we'll see the details :)
It is possible to have tours in German, English, French and Spanish.
Nevertheless, I am just one person and usually there are more English speaking and understanding people than others.
If you want a Tour in your language, you can also book a privat one!

Normalmente hago los Tours en inglés, dado que hay más gente hablando y entendiéndolo. Si quiere un Tour en español, puede también reservar su propia Tour privado!

Normalement, les Tours sont en anglais, comme il y a le plus de personnes qui le parlent et le comprennent. Si vous voulez un Tour en francais, n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour un Tour privé!


About About About
Hello out there,

let's take a look around this beautiful city together!
I moved over to Dresden in 2015 and I truely love it here. Ever since I discovered the idea of Free Walking Tours, I started doing tours. Well, I admit, I had to read lots of books before, talked to different people from Dresden etc... so that I can offer you a nice, interesting, surprising and funny tour.
The Free Walking Tour is a little bit of everything. We're going to talk about Dresden's past, about nice spots to hang out, the best places to eat, where to find this very present for grandma...I will give my very best, so that you can enjoy your trip (and I truely hope, you still have some days left after taking the tour, otherwise you will have to come back to really discover everything we talked of).

See you soon and travel well!


Free Walking Tour Insights

Just a few pictures of what we are going to see.


  • Sebnitzer Straße/Görlitzer Straße, Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland
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